Top 10 thriller movies of all time Hollywood, suspnse mystery movies

Top 10 Hollywood Thriller Movies Of All Time

Thrillers are classified and derived on different viewpoints. But most of the people are looking for a movie that comes with a twist in the climax sequence. These movies can be called as mystery thriller movies or suspense movies. We have a list of top 10 Hollywood thriller movies of all time.

1. Memento (2000)

This one is from Christopher Nolan, the master director of Thrillers. The movie got a completely different approach of Storytelling with a nonlinear narrative structure.

The story about a man with anterograde amnesia(difficulty for a person to remember what has happened to him in the immediate past).He tries to find the murderer of his wife, which is the only thing he remember in his past.

Cast                       Guy Pearce,Carrie-Anne Moss,Joe Pantoliano
Director                Christopher Nolan
Story                     Jonathan Nolan
Screenplay          Christopher Nolan

2. Orphan (2009)

A simple thriller told in a normal way.One of the most enjoyable movie in the list for its thrilling effect and the mystery level .Simply ,A movie with a shocking ending.

The couple (Kate and John Coleman )decides to adopt a 9 year old child from the local orphanage.Later they found that the girl showing strange and polished manners and "there is something wrong with the child".

Director                Jaume Collet-Serra
Story                     Alex Mace
Screenplay          David Leslie Johnson
Cast                       Peter Sarsgaard,Vera Farmiga,Isabelle Fuhrman

3. Zodiac (2007)

A psychological thriller telling the Story of a serial killer who killed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The killer challenges the police by sending ciphers with clues to murders he has committed.

Director                David Fincher
Screenplay          James Vanderbilt
Cast                       Anthony Edwards,Brian CoxJake Gyllenhaal,Mark Ruffalo,Robert Downey, Jr.,

4. The prestige (2006)

The movie comes with a tag line “Are you watching closely?” Christopher Nolan’s another masterpiece and  also follows nonlinear narrative structure.

Telling the story of two famous and rival magicians,Alfred Borden and Robert Angier.

Director                Christopher Nolan
Screenplay          Jonathan Nolan,Christopher Nolan
Cast                       Hugh Jackman,Christian Bale,Michael Caine,Scarlett Johansson,David Bowie,Piper Perabo

5. The shutter island (2010)

The Story happens in an island where a cop in search for a criminal.

Director                Martin Scorsese
Screenplay          Laeta Kalogridis
Cast       Leonardo DiCaprio,Ben Kingsley,Mark Ruffalo,Michelle Williams

6. Inception (2010)

It’s a fiction that based on dreams.

Director                Christopher Nolan
Written by          Christopher Nolan
Cast                       Leonardo DiCaprio,Ken Watanabe,Joseph Gordon-Levitt,Marion Cotillard,Ellen Page,
Cillian Murphy

7. Identity (2003)

No spoilers. Just watch it

Director                James Mangold
Written by          Michael Cooney
Cast                       John Cusack,Ray Liotta,Amanda Peet,Alfred Molina,Clea DuVall,Rebecca De Mornay
John Hawkes,John C. McGinleyWilliam Lee Scott,Jake Busey,Pruitt Taylor Vince,Bret Loehr

8. Flight plan (2005)

Another simple thriller which misleads you.

Director                Robert Schwentke
Written by          Peter A. Dowling,Billy Ray
Cast                       Jodie Foster,Peter Sarsgaard,Sean Bean,Erika Christensen

9. The silence of the lambs (1991)

A horror thriller movie which can be called as a disturbing movie.

Director                Jonathan Demme
Screenplay          Ted Tally
Cast                       Jodie Foster,Anthony Hopkins,Scott Glenn,Ted Levine,Anthony Heald

10. Se7en (1995)

In search of a serial killer.

Director                David Fincher
Written by          Andrew Kevin Walker
Cast                       Brad Pitt,Morgan Freeman,Gwyneth Paltrow,Kevin Spacey,R. Lee Ermey

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