Urumi Review

Its undoubted that the movie carry so much expectations from people's side from the day it started shooting.Finally the realese day opened a wide festive mood over all the release centers .Anyway the movie is absolutely a new experience for the people especially Malayalam audience. In terms its cost and content urumi is so biggy.

The visual magician Santhosh sivan always comes with a lovely frames that filled with new age colors and dimensions. If someone expects the beauty of a movie, scene by scene, then urumi is for them.It can be also added that the movie also care for the serious movie lovers.

The film begins in a present day sequences and move back to past times. Prithviraj(Chirakkal Kelu Nayanar),the protagonist done a great job and its one of the best of his career. Genelia(Ayesha of Arackal) who playing the role of princess also demand a great appreciation. Prabhudeva who played the role of Vavvali also made a mark out of it.

In terms of technical quality Urumi is incredible. Very rarely a regional language movie keep upto international standards. Urumi is one of them.So it can be added to the quality collections of malayalam movies.

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