Top Tamil Comedy Movies List

Top Tamil Comedy Movies

The complete list of Best Tamil Comedy Movies of all time.The list includes movies released in several years.


One of the best kamal hassan comedy movies telling the story of five closest buddies.


Ram (Kamal Haasan) and his wife Mythili (Simran) quarrels in between due to some misunderstanding .To make Ram happy the four friends make arrangements to meet the call girl Maragadavalli alias Maggi (Ramya Krishnan).

Cast:Kamal Simran, Ramya Krishnan, Ramesh Aravind,Sriman,YugiSethu, Jayaram, Urvashi
Director: K. S. Ravikumar


A comedy thriller movie with a suspense element.Four friends travels from Chennai to Hyderabad to watch a cricket match.On the way they took the wrong turn and stuck up in a mystery area.

Cast: Shiva,Vaibhav,SPB Charan,Premji Vega Tamotia,Prakash Raj,Jayaram,Nikita,Sampath
Director: Venkat Prabhu


The story of Thenali (Kamal Hassan) who fears everything around him.Thenali meets the psychiatrist (Jayaram) who plans to go for a vacation with his family.

Cast: Kamal Haasan,Jayaram,Devayani,Jyothika,Meena
Director: K. S. Ravikumar


A Romantic comedy movie features the journey of three young men from a rural village to Goa,to fulfill their dreams.

Cast:Jai,Vaibhav Reddy,Aravind Akash,Premji Amaran,Sampath,Piaa Bajpai,Sneha
Director: Venkat Prabhu


Story of three best friends Aravindhan (Vijay), Chandru (Surya) and Krishnamurthy (Ramesh Khanna).The movie is a remake of a Malayalam movie with same name.

Cast: Vijay,Surya,Ramesh Khanna,Devayani,Vadivelu
Director: Siddique

Vasoolraja M.B.B.S

Vasool Raja (Kamal Haasan) is a goon living in a town with his buddies.His parents believes that he is a doctor and runs a hospital.To make his parents happy Vasool Raja joins the hospital to become a doctor.

Cast: Kamal Haasan,Prabhu,Sneha,Prakash raj
Director: Saran

Nala Damayanthi

Story of a village cook from Palakkad, who goes to Australia to become a chef at home of an Indian rich man.

Cast: Madhavan,Geetu Mohandas
Director: Mouli

Santosh Subramaniam

A comedy movie revolves around a father and son relationship.

Cast: Jayam Ravi,Genelia D'Souza,Prakash Raj
Director: M. Raja

Avvai Shanmugi

Janaki getting a divorce against her husband Pandiyan.she also had a daughter with her.To meet his daughter Pandiyan finds an idea to put make up as old lady and joins Janaki 's house as a servant.

Cast: Kamal Haasan,Meena
Director: K. S. Ravikumar


The story of 5 boys who have no interest in studies and spend their time ogling at girls.

Cast: Siddharth,Genelia D'Souza,Bharath,Nakul,Sai Srinivas,Manikandan
Director: S. Shankar

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