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'Kolaveri di' is  Trending both on you tube and twitter.The song is from Upcoming tamil movie 3 starring  Dhanush.

Celebrity Tweets regarding Kolaveri di

Amitabh Bachchan 

This Kolaveri is veri veri endearing .. just not leaving the sound waves in the mind-u .. what-a what-a what-a do-u ... !! ha ha !!

Abhishek Bachchan

Ok mama now tune change-a. #kolaveridi

If you like Kolaveri di you guys must check out manmatha rasa. One of Dhanush's early songs. MINDBLOWING!! how does he move like that?

Shahid Kapoor 

Kolaveri D WHAT A TRACK MAN triPping on it !!!!!

Karan Johar

Kolaveri di...definitely the sleeper song blockbuster of the year!!! Rock on dhanush!!!


I'm totally addicted to 'Why this Kolaveri di?' N super happy that its d talk of d nation..Yay Tamil cinema is goin places.Congrats 2 d team

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