Why This Kolaveri Di Success Secrets

The most viewed video on YouTube, Top trend on twitter. ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’makes history!!!May be for the first time a wiki page is created for a Tamil song released within 4 days .Guess the points make this video viral? Here is the top factors makes this video trending.

1. Dhanush style!!!!
Super maama ready…ready 1 2 3 4. Dhanush  rockss this time with his  unique singing style . Every time he comes with a completely different style (remember his previous hit ‘otha sollala’ lungi dance steps). 

2. Tamil-English Lyrics
‘Eyes-u full-aa tear-u….empty life-u’….’Girl-u come-u… life reverse gear-u’.English songs with a ‘non english ‘lyric style always popular on internet (remember Benny lava and related videos).

3. Simplicity
The song is too simple to remember with a catchy tune.

4. Lyrics subtitle
This makes people who don’t know Tamil can also enjoy the 'Tamil-English song'.

5. World wide Audience
People who know English and don’t know Tamil songs also crazy and curious about ‘Kolaveri Di’ because of Tamil- English lyric.

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