Top 5 easy steps to make a bollywood movie

It’s not tough to make a bollywood movie now. You don’t need that much of creativity or effort. The are ready-made ingredients there. you can mix this and bake it well.

5 steps to make a bollywood movie are.

1. Get Six Pack Abs

The story demands it or not Bollywood demands the six pack abs.There are different options for this. You are lucky if you already own a six pack. Otherwise you can spend months to acquire it or just make an instant six pack within few days. Say good bye to your favorite food items and spend more time in Gym or even you can set up a private gym inside your home.

2. Watch Tamil Telugu movies 

Keep watching Telugu,Tamil and other south Indian movies and check the box office collections regularly.There are blockbuster every month or year, Just pick the movie and polish it for bollywood.There is an optional step, you can also spoil the original content by adding your own creativity.

3. Police character 


Hero must be a police officer. No compromise on that matter. At least he must reveal that he is a police officer in the climax sequence. But he can wear any other colorful dress and dance well with folk tunes and he can also use any stylish cars, bikes, gadgets.

4. Item dance 

You can call her munni,sheela,chameli whatever.But she must be there with sizzling dance steps.even the movie may not work at box office, she will make you old Hindi movies and try old costume ideas and most probably this will work and try to use bad words.People may watch the entire movie just for the song.

5. Punch dialogs 

An easy way to show what kind of a person is our hero.He is such a macho man.Tell as much as impossible things to make the villain scared .You can use this for movie promotion.

These are all the easy and simple steps that will help to make a blockbuster bollywood movie.