10 Best Tamil Sports Movies

 The list includes Tamil movies that are based on various popular sports. Categorized into sports-comedy, sports-action and Inspirational Sports Movies. The list will surprise you with some movies based on Unusual Sports.

01 Chennai 600028

Street Cricket

The movie tells the story of two local cricket teams (Rockers and Sharks) based in Chennai. Rockers are the best players ,winning every match against Sharks Team located in Visalakshi Thottam.The story starts with Raghu,the best player from Rockers team shifts to a new house which is located in Visalakshi Thottam,the area of his rival team Sharks.

Starring Shiva,Jai,Aravind,Premji Amaren with a group of new comers
Directed by Venkat Prabhu

02 Ghilli


Velu,State level kabbadi player goes to Madurai for a kabbadi match with his friends. He accidently saves the girl Dhanalakshmi from a notorious goon Muthupandi and come back to his home with her. Velu passes through various obstacles and finally enters to the kabaddi match against Punjab.

Starring Vijay,Trisha
Directed by Dharani

03 Dhoni


The story of a boy who dreams to become a famous cricketer like Dhoni.But his father,a middle class man wants him to became concentrate on his studies. The movie passes a message to parents to take care of their children’s dream and encourage their talents.

Starring Prakash Raj,Akash
Directed by Prakash Raj

04 Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu


Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu is a Kabaddi team consists of Marimuthu and his friends from Kanakkanpatti village. They dreams of winning a local Kabaddi tournament. But the team never having won a match ever .Finally a coach joins them and helps to win the match.

Starring Vishnu Vishal,Kishore,Saranya Mohan
Directed by Susindran

05 Priyamani Thozhi


Ashok is very fond of cricket who later falls in love with Nandini.Ashok has a childhood friend Julie who then marries Michael who dreams of joining the Indian cricket team. Ashok became the main opponent to Michael in the selection process to Indian cricket team.

Starring Madhavan,Sreedevi,Jyothika,Vineeth
Directed by Vikraman

06 Badri


Badri is a spoiled, careless son of a coffee shop owner. He got a brother Vetri who is practicing for a kickboxing championship. Vetri finally fails to take part in the competition. Later Badri realizes his faults and takes responsibility. He decides to fight in the match in place of his brother.

Starring Vijay,Bhumika
Directed by P. A. Arun Prasad

07 Potta Potti


Two persons Kodaivannan and Kolaivannan try to marry Ranjitham, their cousin and also the rich girl in the village. They decides for a match in a condition that those who won the match will get that girl. The fact is that no one knows exactly how to play cricket .One man kidnaps the real cricketer, Sadagoppan Ramesh .

Starring R Sivam,Umar,Sadagoppan Ramesh,Harini
Directed by Yuvaraj

08 M. Kumaran S/o. Mahalakshmi


Kumaran is the son of Mahalakshmi who separated from her husband Eshwar.After the death of his mother he went to his father Eshwar who is running a kickboxing academy and living with his second wife and daughter. He trains Anand to win the championship. Later Anand cheats Eshwar and joins another gang. Kumaran decides to help his father and practice for the championship.

Starring Jayam Ravi,Asin,Nadhiya,Prakash Raj
Directed by M. Raja

09 Baana Kaathadi

Kite flying

Ramesh is very fond of kite flying and one day he accidently meets Priya while flying kites.Later they became best friends. Ravi the local goon, sends Ramesh to Gujarat for his safety where he joins the kite flying festival.

Starring Adharvaa,Samantha
Directed by Badri Venkatesh

10 Aadukalam

Rooster fight

The movie unfolds the story of Karuppu who is in Pettaikaran's team of Rooster fight.There is also another group run by Rathnasamy who is the major competitor to Pettaikaran's team.Both plans for a crucial fight with a condition that the loser will give up rooster fights forever.

Dhanush,Taapsee Pannu
Directed by Vetrimaran

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