Top 10 Bollywood Movies for Students

10 Best Bollywood Movies for students.Movies that inspire students, keep you motivated, which helps you in achieving success in your life and in your studies. This is an exclusive post with list of movies those are based on studies and management. The list consists of movies for school aged kids, high school students and Management Students.

1.3 Idiots

Never run after success. Follow excellence and success will follow automatically

Most popular Bollywood movie of the decade.The movie with a great message ‘follow your own dreams, not your parents’ and ‘Do things in which you got talent in it’. The movie also portrays the stressful life of engineering college students in India.

‘3 Idiots’ tells the story of three engineering students (Farhan,Raju,Ranchoo) of Imperial College of Engineering. Farhan got talent in wild life photography, but he forced by his father to become an engineer and joins the college. Raju from a poor family who study to get a good job so that he can help his family come out of poverty. Ranchoo is the brilliant student among the three. The story is about how Ranchoo changes the life of two friends and also the dean of the college.

2. Black

Never give up. You will win one day

The movie tells the story of Michelle, a blind and deaf girl grows up facing challenges one after another. She lives a life of frustration and his family also annoyed by her fate. A teacher enters the scene to help the girl to come out of her disabilities. After a lot of struggles she learns things step by step. The movie is about how she wins in her life defeating all her disabilities.

The movie inspired from Helen Keller's life. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukerji in lead roles.

3. Wake up Sid

Wake up…

Unfolds the story of a lazy, spoiled college boy, Sid. He lives within the care of his father, not cared about anything else. Once he asked to join his father’s office. After spending a day within the office he felt bored and leaves. He then meets the girl,Aisha and starts a friendly relationship. When the exam results out Sid found that he is failed and he had fight with his parents and leaves the house. The movie is about how Sid really wake up from his laziness and knows the meaning of life with the help of Aisha.

Directed by Ayan Mukerji and starring Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma in main roles.

4. Taare Zameen Par

All kids are special

Ishaan is an 8 year old student who fails regularly in school exams and finds difficult to master the subjects. But he is very good at drawing pictures. His parents are frustrated with Ishaan’s poor academic perofmance.Finally they plan to send him to boarding school. He feels depressed with this decision and lives a fearful and lonely life there. A new teacher joins the school and rest of the movie is about how the teacher finds out Ishaan’s problems and helps him come out of it.

The film passes a great message to the common education system which only focusing on academic talents and puts students under pressure. The movie Directed by Aamir Khan and Starring Darsheel Safary and Aamir Khan in lead roles. 

5. Swades

Remove ignorance and be self sufficient

Mohan is a USA settled NRI.Once he decides to come to India to find his nanny Kaveri Amma living in a remote village named Charanpur.After visiting her, Mohan spends days in that village and finally loves the village life and knows more about the villager’s basic problems. The movie is about how he changes his mind set as rich NRI and concentrates on solving villagers problems. He set up a small hydro electric project and makes the village self-sufficient in electricity.

Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and starring ShahrukhKhan,Gayatri Joshi in lead roles.

6. Iqbal

Overcome difficulties

Iqbal is a deaf and mute boy dream of joining Indian cricket team. But he is discouraged by his father who wants him to join him in farming. A local drunkard, Mohit who was a former cricketer promise to help him. He trains Iqbal and he joins the Andhra Pradesh Ranji Trophy team. The rest of the movie is about how he finally finds his place in Indian cricket team.

 Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor.Starring Naseeruddin Shah,Shreyas Talpade in lead roles.

7. Stanley Ka Dabba

Know and love your students

Stanley is a fourth grader student who is loved by his friends and teachers. Stanley never brings his lunch box (Dabba). Stanley's friends share their lunch with him. Khadoos (Hindi teacher)  ilkes gobbling the kids' food and warns Stanley to bring his own tiffin or stop coming to school. The rest of the movie unfolds the real story behind Stanley.

Directed by Amole Gupte and starring Partho as Stanley

8. Sir

Come out of the shell.

The movie tells the story of a Professor named Amar Verma who spends his life for students. He later found that one of his student have a stammering problem and she is the daughter of gangster Veljibhai.The rest of the movie is about how he help the student come out of her disability.

Directed by Mahesh Bhatt.Starring Naseeruddin Shah,Pooja Bhatt,Atul Agnihotri in lead roles.

9. Rocket Singh

Honesty and customer satisfaction makes business success 

After completing graduation in commerce Harpreet Singh joins AYS (a computer sale company) as a sales man. Later He found him a failure as a sales man, not following the regular sale tricks. He finally forms a new company Rocket Sales Corporation without the knowledge of AYS team. The new company, Rocket Sales Corporation is more focused on customer satisfaction and became very success full. AYS eventually lost their customers.

Directed by Shimit Amin.starring Ranbir Kapoor as Rocket singh

10. Chak De India

Goal setting and winning

Kabir Khan joins as a coach to India women's national field hockey team with a mission to train girls for The World Championship.  sport officials claim that the only role for women is to cook and clean and they can’t make a good hockey team. Khan selects 16 women from various states of India .The rest of the movie is about team building and how Kabir change their attitude and wins the World Championship

Directed by Shimit Amin.Starring Shahrukh Khan with 16 Chak De girls.

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